Wild Days x LEGO®

Stay wild for summer! We are excited to bring you 6 more weeks of Wild Days in collaboration with LEGO®. Sign up for new activities, and revisit some favourites.

Exploring Garden Wildlife

What sort of creatures could be living right on your doorstep? We've got a week packed full of wonderful activities and learning to help you meet the amazing wildlife that calls your green space home!
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Seeking Sustainability

Join us for our Seeking Sustainability edition of Wild Days x LEGO, where we will be finding out about the fascinating ways in which you and your community can take action for the planet and build a sustainable future.
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Plastic Planet

Join us for our Plastic Planet edition of Wild Days X LEGO, where we will be learning all about the life of plastic. Where does it come from? Where does it go? We have lots of adventurous activities and crafty creations for you to get involved with.

Start Plastic Planet on Monday 3 August.
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Actions For Wildlife

This week we will be finding out about how you can help wildlife where you live. Learn about hedgehog highways, bug hotels, mini ponds and much more!

Start Actions For Wildlife on Monday 10 August.

Edible Gardens

How can you create an edible garden where you live? We will be exploring how you can get your green space ready for planting, top tips for growing your own veg and some creative ideas to sustainably take care of your garden. 

Start Edible Gardens on Monday 17 August.

Searching the Skies

Join us for our Searching The Skies edition of Wild Days x LEGO, where we will be exploring the wonderful world of flying wildlife, from butterflies and bees to the extraordinary migration of birds. 

Start Searching the Skies on Monday 24 August.

Catch up on Wild Days

You can still access our full range of Wild Days activities! You'll find 12 action-packed weeks to take you on adventures around the world, from the tops of trees to the creatures hiding under our feet, all from your own home.
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