About Wild Days

Wild Days is a free service providing around an hour of curated outdoor activities every day, to bring your family closer to nature during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From Water Week onwards, you can sign up for all our resources for free. You'll get a range of exclusive original content, including activities, videos and games, devised by in-house experts at Earthwatch Europe. If you want to access Wildlife Communities and Food, our first two weeks of resources, you'll need to pay. This is because we launched as a paid-for service before receiving the generous support of the Tomoro Foundation, Tanya and Michael Rembaum, and Neville Shulman to fund the future of Wild Days. This funding will support everything from Water Week onwards, which is all free for you to enjoy!

We’re also delighted to have received the support of many well-known presenters, naturalists and scientists, who will be contributing videos and activities throughout this project.

About Earthwatch Europe

Earthwatch is an environmental charity with science at its heart. We drive the change needed to live within our means and in balance with nature. We do this by: 

  • connecting people with the natural world
  • monitoring the health of our natural resources
  • informing the actions that will have the greatest positive impact

We are experts in outdoor learning. Our learning and engagement team have been training teachers and educational professionals for many years. All of our outdoor activities are rooted in science, and we have a number of in-house scientists conducting environmental research. 
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Wild Days - Nature activities for kids

Bored at home? We’re here to help! Sign up for Wild Days for nature-focused daily activities to help children learn about the environment from home.

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