Welcome to Wild Days!

We created Wild Days to help you stay positive, by encouraging your kids to go wild while your outdoor options are limited.

We've published a set of structured activities and video content to guide you through outdoor learning that you can do in your own green space (in line with government guidance!). Each edition has been created for children aged 4-11 by Earthwatch Europe’s scientists and outdoor learning experts, to help you utilise the greatest learning resource out there: nature. 

We’re also delighted to have the support of many well-known presenters, naturalists and scientists, who have contributed videos and activities throughout this project. They’re guaranteed to inspire and engage your kids at the time you most need it. 

Wild Days X LEGO®

We're helping you stay wild this summer with 6 more weeks of Wild Days in collaboration with LEGO®! 

Get ready for 6 fascinating new themes:
  • Exploring Garden Wildlife
  • Seeking Sustainability
  • Searching the Skies
  • Edible Gardens
  • Plastic Planet
  • Actions For Wildlife
Visit our Wild Days X LEGO® page to see what's on offer and get signed up!
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Make your day Wild

Wild Days is completely free for you to enjoy from Monday 20 April. All you need to do is sign up and get wild! Our resources are free from Water Week onwards, because that’s when we received the generous support of the Tomoro Foundation, Tanya and Michael Rembaum, and Neville Shulman to fund the future of Wild Days. So if you’d like to access our first two weeks of resources (Wildlife Communities and Food), you’ll still need to pay.
You can access everything from Water Week onwards for free! 
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Our Ambassadors

We're thrilled to have the support of some great voices in the world of conservation and biodiversity.
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Ways to watch well

The UK lockdown has given us time to reflect on what really matters. In a recent YouGov survey, Earthwatch asked over 2,000 adults in the UK about their interaction, observation, and connection with nature. We found that 59% of those asked thought they had spent more time observing nature since the UK lockdown started; 72% missed being able to be near nature during the lockdown and 67% of those asked reported that nature gave them a sense of calm. 

To find out more about the survey, and to hear our ambassadors top tips for watching well, you can visit the Earthwatch website.
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